World on the Tip of a Ballpoint Pen Released

My LudumDare 38 entry “World on the tip of a Ballpoint Pen” has been released. It’s not as long as I would have hoped it to be, but it was fantastic to participate in the competition again. You can play it here.

Oh, and keep an eye on this page! I’ll be posting about my summer plans soon.

Night and Slay Released

Thrashmort is fun to develop, but it is a very complex undertaking. I needed a break from dialogue handlers and event queues. I needed to make something with explosions, particle effects, and exploding skeletons for a couple of days. So, I did it! The result is Night and Slay, a confusing and difficult re-imagining of an old game jam entry. Hopefully you’ll find it fun for a couple of minutes, or maybe even an hour or two.

You can play it here.

Now I’m going to get back to work on Thrashmort.